Osteoarthritis of finger joints

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Osteoarthritis is degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the joints. A more correct to call this disease osteoarthrosis deformans, since it is not only a change in the structure of hyaline cartilage, but also its deformation, and deformation of the bones involved in the formation of the joint and joint capsule.

The disease is widespread osteoarthritis. Most often it affects women after the age of 40 – 45 years, and after 60 years of age found in virtually every human being.

From the small joints of osteoarthritis often causes damage to the final segment of the fingers that occurs with thickening of the joints are called nodules or Busharda heberden. Less commonly observed lesions proximal joints of fingers and big toe joints. Osteoarthritis commonly causes damage to the joints of all fingers.

The disease breaks down the synthesis of extracellular matrix, which leads to drying and cracking of hyaline cartilage lining the joint cavity. The process then moves on bone tissue. Bone begins to thicken and form growths, causing deformation of the joints. Bony growths made it more difficult process of movement and contribute to the emergence and maintenance of the process of inflammation in affected joints of the fingers. Learn more about Arthrose Finger!

Patients tend to reduce the traffic, delivering them to the pain, which in turn leads to a rapid onset of muscle atrophy and persistent irreversible changes in the structure of the joint. This leads to the formation of elemental stiffness impeding movement (combing, dressing, writing, etc.)

The causes of arthritis of the finger joints are:
Excessive loads of joints
Endocrine pathology (diabetes, thyroid disease)
Metabolic disorders (gout)
Genetic predisposition
Alcohol abuse
Occupational hazard
Infectious-allergic factors

For successful therapy requires careful observance of all patients with doctor’s recommendations. Treatment consists of symptomatic disease (short) and basal (having an impact on the mechanism of the disease). Of great importance in the treatment of arthrosis of fingers assigned to massage, medical gymnastics and mechano. This can significantly reduce the stiffness of the joint and stop its further changes.