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PERnet Communications, Inc. is a full-service Internet Service Provider which has served Southeast Texas since 1995. PERnet is the largest provider in the Golden Triangle area due in large part to our customers who have shared their satisfaction with friends, family, and co-workers.

PERnet is distinctive among its fellow ISPs because our services began with over one year of intense research and development. This experience helped to create a company focusing on innovative technology and complete customer support. The year of experience was followed by a month spent building our network and configuring our servers, so that excellent customer service and customer satisfaction could be guaranteed.

On June 15, 1995, PERnet Communications officially opened its doors as the second Internet Service Provider in Southeast Texas, and we quickly became known for our superior services, such as 33.6kbps dialups and true T-1 speed to the Internet.

Within two years, PERnet surpassed the telephone capacity of our offices in the Atrium Building. To guarantee customer satisfaction, we moved to our present location at 826 Nederland Avenue on February 20, 1997.  This location, literally ten feet from the Southwestern Bell telephone company central office in Nederland, gave PERnet Communications an almost unlimited growth potential.

Our customers at PERnet depend on us to give them fast and clear connections to the Internet, and to meet this need we installed new digital systems on March 4, 1997. With this newest technology, we offered clarity unlike any other local provider and true 64/128kbps ISDN service.  We followed this innovation with upgrades to our systems, such as doubled news server capacity, a redundant name server, replacement of all analog modems and terminal servers, along with a new mail server.

PERnet customers have become accustomed to being able to get on the Internet when they want to. To show our commitment to keeping the very best service level for our customers, PERnet has recently celebrated one full year without our equipment generating a single busy signal.  This trend has continued as we have installed an additional 50% of dialup and ISDN capacity, before it was required.

PERnet now continues its longstanding tradition of offering the very best services available as we are the first locally owned Internet Backbone Provider in Southeast Texas through our move from T1 speed lines to a T3 connection between Nederland and Houston.  This allows for current PERnet customers to enjoy even faster connections to the Internet and for PERnet to begin handling connection speeds ranging from 64k frame relay to fractional T3 leased lines - all connected directly through PERnet to the world's largest and most widely recognized Internet backbone, UUNet/AlterNet.

Shouldn't you be with the most Personal, Experienced, and Reliable Internet Service Provider in Southeast Texas?  We think you should, so give us a call at (409)729-4638, (409)842-4638, (409)738-2211 or email us at sales@pernet.net.

PERnet is a privately held and traded corporation, incorporated in the State of Texas. If you are interested in a job at PERnet, or if you'd like more information about our services or our company, call us or please email info@pernet.net.

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