All Terminal servers are up.


The web server is up
The mail server is up
The news server is up.
The primary name server is up.
The secondary name server is up.
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network status and notices

The current user to modem ratio is 4.7:1.


upgrade/maintenance notices

10/15/98: Upgraded to a DS-3 which has the available power of 28 T-1's to our backbone provider in Houston. This will give you lightning fast access to web documents, e-mail's, downloads, etc.

12/17/97: The news server was completely upgraded with a new motherboard, processor, ethernet card, as well  as some much needed drive maintanence.

10/18/97: We successfully made a complete digital conversion to better serve you with quicker connects, and more reliability.

"Spam" filters were installed on our news server.

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