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The World Wide Web is a system of tens of millions hypertext documents, all linked together. Many companies are stepping out and putting up web sites (a collection of web pages linked together) which introduce their company, describe their services and products, facilitate networking between branch offices, and provide support to their customers.

Once you have a basic web account, you can add many other options to your web site. If you don't see something you are interested in described below, call us for a quote.



For personal, non-commercial, non-organizational use, the first web site fee is waived. Call for details!

For a mere $14.95 a month, we'll store your web pages (up to 50mb!! and 300,000 hits per month) on our high-speed UNIX servers running Apache web server software, where people from all over the world can access them. Additional storage is available if needed, just call our offices for pricing. You can design your own pages or hire someone to design your site for you.



Now you can send your viewers speech and music real-time over the Internet using the Real Audio server! To use the Real Audio server to deliver recorded sound bites, we charge a $250 setup and $50 a month per "stream" (limited to 500 "hits" per month). For continuous live feeds, we charge a $1500 setup, and $200 a month (limit of 15 "streams" at a time). We can convert this live feed from any telephone line, broadcast television, CATV, or AM/FM radio station.



If you decide to accept orders on-line via credit card, or if you are going to be sending any sensitive information across the Internet through the World Wide Web, you may wish to add Secure Transactions. Our web servers use the advanced Netscape-compatible SSL (Secure Socket Layers) and SHTTP (Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol) systems to encrypt and decrypt all data sent and received using the RSA encryption engine, developed by the United States Government. Although the chance of someone "snooping" out a credit card number over a network is extremely low, this renders such an action nearly impossible. The encryption is transparent to the end user, but their computer will tell them that your site is secure, so they can be confident in supplying billing information to you. We charge $500 to set up the secure transactions system, and $30 a month to maintain it.

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