Discounts and Promotions

Check out our discounts and promotions! If you have any questions, please call us!

Free Personal Web Pages: The normal $15 web site fee is waived if you want to put up a non-commercial web site about yourself. Share your favorite links, make your resume available electronically, talk about your hobbies... the possibilities are endless! All material is subject to system administrator's approval.

Upgrade Offer: If you convert from another local ISP to PERnet, the normal $20 setup fee is waived.

Educational Dialup Account: Educational accounts are standard dial-up accounts with one e-mail address (limited from 8AM to 4PM local time) intended for classroom or library use in schools. This discounted $12.50 a month offer is only valid if students are given direct, unlimited access to the account during times they are permitted to access other classroom resources. $20 setup.

Personal Referral: If you refer someone to us and they mention your username when they call to sign up, you will get $5 off of your next bill. Limit three per month.

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