ISDN connections


ISDN represents the NEXT GENERATION of the world's telephone service

ISDN lines are based on the same kind of technology that makes a phone call, fax, or even modem connection possible, but the same telephone line can now carry as many as two separate connections simultaneously. For this is the magic of ISDN -- multiple connections and crystal clear digital quality.

The advantages of ISDN

SPEED: Its top data rate is four times faster than v.34 modems - connections speeds up to 131,072 (128k) bits per second!

RELIABILITY: Digital lines are virtual error free and crystal clear - line noise null

COST EFFECTIVE: For about the same price as an analogue line, it provides better speed and reliability.

The Technology is here

ISDN makes finding information, images and photographs easier than ever.

ISDN brings people together, from students in a class whose teacher is 5,000 miles away, to executives attending a meeting without ever leaving their computer.

How is this possible? Please complete the "ISDN ready" form, and we will do the rest.



64K ISDN setup charge: $40.00
64K ISDN Dialup access: $49.95 $39.95 month

64K ISDN Dedicated setup charge: $90.00
64K ISDN Dedicated Dialup access: $119.95 $95.95 month

128K ISDN setup charge: $90.00 $80.00
128K ISDN Dialup access: $99.95 $79.95 month

128K ISDN Dedicated setup charge: $180.00
128K ISDN Dedicated Dialup access: $239.95 $192.95 month

Southwestern Bell ISDN pricing list

Basic Rate Interface (BRI): the standard ISDN line,
consisting of 2 B-channels and 1 D-channel.

Prices current as of 4-6-00.

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