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Electronic Mail, or "e-mail," is the most popular service on the Internet. While only about 15 million people can access the Web, at least 50 million people have Internet e-mail addresses (including users of America Online, CompuServe, and similar services). An e-mail address has quickly gone from being a status symbol to a business necessity.

Using e-mail, you can send quick memos, documents, or even voice-annotated spreadsheets and other multimedia documents to clients or co-workers. They can in turn reply to your message or forward it along to others.

We offer two kinds of e-mail accounts: e-mail boxes and e-mail aliases. Both are $4.99 per month per account, can be accessed anywhere in the world, and may be used to send and receive unlimited mail with no additional charge.

One e-mail box is required for any Internet account.   The username and password for this box is the same as the username and password for your dialup account.


An e-mail box is a true e-mail account. When someone sends a message to your address (in the form name@pernet.net), within minutes our computers receive the message and put it in an e-mail "in box" until you log in and retrieve your e-mail using an e-mail program (which we can provide free of charge). The e-mail box is password protected for your security.


An e-mail alias takes an existing e-mail box and assigns it an "alias," or nickname. When someone sends a message to the alias, our computers find the box it belongs in and puts it there.  Many companies use e-mail aliases to create e-mail addresses such as marketing@company.com.  Some smaller companies simply have one e-mail box and an alias for each employee.

Note that to use the generic-style email aliases like "service," "sales," and "info," you need Domain Name services to avoid PERnet's own company e-mail addresses of the same name.

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