Dialup Access

Computer, Modem, Telephone Line PERnet = High Speed Access to the Internet

A standard dialup account is marked as "PPP" on your bill and allows you to connect one computer to the Internet at a time.

The standard dialup account includes:

  • Local access to the Internet from all over the Golden Triangle, with no long distance charges or hourly fees!

  • 56kbps connections (K-Flex & V.90). If your phone line is clean, our lines will let you download with speeds exceeding 5 kilobytes per second, or 7-8kbps with compression! These lines also support older 33,600, 28,800 bps (v.FC and v.34) and 14,400 bps (v.42bis) modems.

  • Full access to the World Wide Web, newsgroups, Internet Relay Chat, Real Audio, and other Internet services. Once your computer connects to the Internet, the possibilities are endless!

  • 9AM-12AM telephone customer support for your connection. If you ever have trouble, our customer service representative will be able to assist you over the telephone, free of charge.

If you choose to change your customer id, there will be a $3 fee; password, a $2 fee.

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